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DA Lawyers is a law firm formed by a large team of recognized professionals. The career of our lawyers is characterized by the professional excellence that they develop in a dynamic, innovative and multidisciplinary environment placed in our brand new offices in Madrid. This excellence is supported by the firm through continuing training programs which we regard as essential for personal and professional growth.

In DA Lawyers we are specialized in all areas of law related to business. We apply our expertise and extensive legal experience to the business activity, no matter the sector, but we understand that at present it is essential to provide our team with knowledge of other areas through training on digitization, language skills, marketing, teamwork and leadership.

Most of DA's clients are companies, public and private, national and international, that require legal advice to protect their interests on certain situations or that may require some support of legal nature in every administrative proceeding that the company goes through. In both cases, DA acts in a committed and responsible way to reach the best resutls through personal involvement and professional close contact that our clients are grateful for.